Summer Golf Camp Options

Additional Summer Junior Golf Camp Possibilities

Summer Junior Golf Camps are a great way of building your skills in a fun and self-challenging environment. You can meet golfers your age from other parts of the state and country and get to know numerous college golf coaches in a more personal setting. These camps give opportunities to build upon the skills that you have been working on during the school year and help you show improvement upon your return in the fall. 

Here are a few well-known camps in Texas that have produced great results for those who attended. You can also do a personal search online for other smaller camps that may better meet your goals. 

Nike Junior Golf Camps

There are numerous locations across the state, but closest is in San Antonio. 

  • San Antonio Advanced Short Game Camp: June 2-4 | Boys and Girls Ages 12-18
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PGA Junior Golf Camps

There are numerous locations and dates across the state, but the closest is in Austin and San Antonio. They also have full and half day camps.

  • Austin
    • Grey Rock Golf Club
    • Dates: June 3-4, June 17-21, July 8-12, July 22-26
    • Boys and Girls | Full day camps ages 9-17; Half day camps ages 6-14
  • San Antonio
    • San Pedro Golf Academy
    • Dates: TBD
    • Boys and Girls | Full day caps ages 9-19; Half day camps ages 6-13

Texas Tech Golf Camp

Texas A&M Golf Camp

University of Texas Golf Camps

Baylor Golf Academy

  • Boys and Girls: Ages 10-18 | June 9-13 (overnight), June 6-12 (1/2 day, ages 6-12), June 22-24 (1/2 day, ages 6-12)

Summer Junior Golf Camps

Summer Junior Golf Camps